Covid-19 Safety Guidelines Squirrel's Scramble

Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

Keeping Safe

In keeping with goverment and HSE guidelines, in conjuction with Failte Ireland we have put together our set of Covid-19 Safety guidelines so that you our customers and our staff, can continue to enjoy Squirrel's Scramble in complete safety.

Going forward into the future, it is not surprising that a number of changes have had to be made at Squirrel's Scramble. Some we will keep, but others will be eased off as and when it is appropriate and safe to do so.

Download our Covid-19 Safety guidelines PDF here.

MASKS: We are wearing masks during check in, harnessing and instructions, we kindly ask that you bring along a mask and wear it during these times too.

BOOKINGS: Due to the circumstances, we may only accept bookings online, which rules out 'walk ins' for the time being. This is to the prevent the handling of cash at check in, in line with government recommendations.

In order to maintain social distancing of 2 metres at our reception area and on the course, our booking capacity has been limited to 15 customers per slot.

Group bookings will be limited to 15 people, that includes birthday parties. Only 15 members of the group may enter Squirrel's Scramble grounds and the party areas. Anyone collecting children must wait in their car, away from Squirrel's Scramble.

WAIVERS: It has always been the procedure at Squirrel's Scramble for anyone entering the premises whether they are participating on the course or simply watching from below, to fill out and sign our waiver sheet at reception. You will be asked to sign the waiver on site at the Squirrel's Scramble check-in desk, you can read a copy of our waiver here

HAND SANITIZER: We have hand santizer dispencers dotted around the course and at the reception desk. We ask that you santize your hands at arrival to reception, before going on the course and using the ladders, thank you. The hand santiser we use is non toxic and alcohol free, you can read about it here.

NEW STAFF TRAINING: All our staff will be briefed on our new safety measures and will have the option to wear the PPE equipment we provide. It is understood that if they are showing any Covid-19 symptoms, they must stay at home.

All of our new guideline will be added to our safety briefing for our customers at the beginning of the course.

IMPORTANT REQUEST to our customers in consideration of others: If any of you are feeling unwell, please stay at home. Thank you.


All equipment, reception and picnic areas will be disinfected after every use. Customers will be provided with disinfectant sprays at appropriate places on the course to clean ladders before use.

Physical Distancing

For your safety please keep 2 metres (6 feet) from one another in queues and on the course. Customers can sit at our designated waiting area which are 3 metres apart.

Personal Hygiene

As per government advice, we are advising staff and customers to thoroughly and regularly wash their hands (for at least 20 seconds) at the toilet facilities and have placed additional signage encouraging this behaviour.

No large groups

Maximum of 15 per group. Online bookings only. Booking capacity has been reduced by 50%.


Staff are provided with optional face shields, gloves and face masks. Staff will self assess for Covid-19 symptoms every morning before arrival.

Platform Safety

Maximum 4 people per platform, those from seperate groups must wait for the platform ahead to be empty.

Showing Symptoms

If you or staff are unwell we kindly ask that you stay at home, thank you.