Birthday Parties

If you want your child's birthday party to go down in history as the most epic party of all time!! Then Squirrel's Scramble is your answer.

Come to Squirrel's Scramble for a legendary birthday party your child will remember!

Your group (all participants must be min age 8 years) will have an hour and a half of zipping and swinging through the trees followed by half an hour in one of our sheltered party areas with wooden seats and tables. We don’t cater for food or drink but can highly recommend the food stalls at the Killruddery Farm Market (Saturdays only). All known local pizza places deliver to us and you are more than welcome to bring your own food as well if you like.

To book simply click on the Book Now button and select your date and time.

Please find below a list of frequently asked birthday party questions.

Q: How do I book?
Click on the book now button at the top of this page. Booking birthday parties is no different from making an ordinary booking. All groups can avail of our party areas, no need to reserve them.
Q: How long does it last?
1.5 hours on the course and a half hour in the party area.
Q: Do I need to reserve a party area?
No, party areas are automatically reserved for group bookings, we have 4 to choose from.
Q: I don't know all the names yet...
When booking just enter in TBC for names you don't know.
Q: I'm not sure of exact numbers?
Book an approximate number, if you have one or two more or less that's ok, we'll either reimburse you if you let us know 48 hours before your booking or you can pay the extra there on the day.
Q: Do you cater for food?
No we don't, you can either bring your own, or order in, lots of places deliver on site, like Four Star Pizza, Platform, etc. And of course you can pop into Killruddery's farmer's market area for lovely food in their restuarant and great coffee.
Q: I can only book in 15 kids but I have more than that coming...
You can book across two time slots. Eg. if you have 24 coming, book 12 in one slot and 12 in the other, this way you will still avail of the group rate. If you have less than 12 for the second slot book on the single rate and we can reimburse you the balance of the group rate on the day.
Q: Can I get the other parents to sign a waiver for their own kids?
Yes you can, you will find all our waivers here they can print one out, sign it and give it to you to bring on the day.
Q: Can I add archery?
Yes you can, it will add an extra hour onto your time, and an extra €4 per person, min charge €48. To book archery go ahead and make your booking for Squirrel's Scramble and then email us with your booking number at [email protected] to request archery and make payment. Groups for archery are maximum size 15 and minimum age 10.
Q: Can I bring a barbeque?
Unfortunately not, for safety and insurance reasons.
Q: Will there be an instructor to look after our group?
There will be instructors looking after all customers at Squirrel's Scramble but not assigned individually to one group. Parents/guardians must supervise the kids in the group.
Q: Is there an age limit for birthday parties?
Yes there is, birthday parties at Squirrel's Scramble are for age 8+. Every child 7 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult each in gear on the course. We recommend having 9th birthday parties with us.