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14th February, 0207 by Squirrel Scramble

Maureen Stuart

Finding the bright side

Sometimes it is hard being small.  After a morning of activity last weekend my daughter had fallen asleep in the car and like many little ones (and mothers in our house) wasn’t in the best of form when she first awoke.  So much so that unfortunately she decided not to partake in our planned family activity at Squirrel’s Scramble in Killruddery House and Gardens.  Her decision changed of course when it became obvious what fun the boys were having.  The tears started as she realised that it wasn’t possible to join in half way round.

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One of my daughter’s strengths, however, is that she is flexible and she is often able to see the bright side of things not going entirely as she had planned or desired.  So I managed to persuade her that there was as much fun to be had for us in photographing the boys as in taking part and so there was.

So next time you are in a forest and you think is too dark for photos:

  • really look for the light – try to find and use the pockets of light that do exist
  • direct your subject’s attention upwards towards the light to get light on their faces and into their eyes
  • if you can’t get light on your subject’s faces take photos of an activity where the body language is more important that the facial expression
  • take photos from different perspectives so that the subject’s face is not necessarily the most important part of the image
  • consider silhouettes.
Maureen Stuart

There was a number of bright sides to the situation for me, time for me take photographs of my children where at least two of them couldn’t run away from me, time to encourage my daughter’s interest in photography and time to review the setup in Squirrel’s Scramble before deciding if I would have a go.  I am a little afraid of heights! I will definitely give it a go though.  The kids loved it, it was well managed and most importantly very safe and I do highly recommend it.  Also the cover of the trees kind of means it is an all-weather activity.